Men’s League Rules

Rules for the Highway 21 Men’s League… I believe everything remains the same as last year.


  1. Pitching rule enforced – work with them, but the leagues wants the rule called if pitchers continue to throw illegally
  2. Three-run cap in the first two innings
  3. Time limit – no new inning after 2 hours.
  4. Run ahead rule – 10 runs after 4.5 or 5 innings.
  5. They can start with 8 players; they can borrow from the other team.


A couple of other notes:

– we are scheduling for Rumsey this year. The league will be paying the umps who work games in Rumsey an additional $25 per umpire for the additional travel.

– there are not supposed to be any games scheduled Canada Day weekend in Delburne, as has occurred in previous years.

– playoff tournament this year set for the weekend July 14-16, at Delburne