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Between the Lines – Newsletter

Between The Lines is a publication of the Softball Canada Umpires program. The publication is dedicated to the development of softball officiating in Canada by communicating news and information of interest to the Canadian umpiring community.

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Umpire Toolbox

Softball Canada’s Umpire’s Toolbox is where umpires can access public resources to help improve their skills. In the Umpire Toolbox, you will the following information:

  • the International Softball Federation (ISF) mechanics manuals for 1, 2, 3 and 4 umpire systems, which been adopted by Softball Canada in fastpitch;
  • a summary of the rule changes approved for 2017-18;
  • bat check protocols; and
  • unapproved bat list

 Umpire Toolbox

Umpire positioning

Umpire positioning and mechanics are taught at the RDSUA clinic, and are based on the mechanics approved and adopted by Softball Canada and the World Baseball Softball Congress (WBSC).

One-Umpire Mechanics

Two-Umpire Mechanics

3/4 Umpire Mechanics

Bat Regulations


Legal and Illegal Bats

Umpire Exam

Please go to the following location to write your exam.

Rule Changes


2018 Technical Bulletin outlining Pilot Program for new Pitching Regulations