Regular Season Assignments

New umpires will have most games scheduled at local diamonds featuring teams in their home Minor Association. Wherever possible, RDSUA assignors try to limit travel for new umpires.

Depending on the community, the regular season starts as early as the first week of May, and runs through the months of May and June. Regular season games are a maximum of seven innings and 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. Most minor games are about 1.5 hours. Specific rules for the league will be available on the RDSUA website.

What you need to know about assigning!

  1. Assignor: Lisa LeMasurier is the Assignor for the RDSUA. She can be reached at
  2. Assigning of games: Games will be assigned through Arbiter, an online scheduling platform. During the season, each umpire receives email notifications of games that have been assigned. Each umpire must have an email address that s/he checks regularly, as game assignments can occur at any time, depending on the updates and information provided to the Assignor. The umpire is given a deadline to accept or decline the assignment(s). Details about how Arbiter works, and what will be expected of each umpire will be explained at the annual clinic in April.
  3. Game fees: Per game rates for minor softball games are:
    • 2 umpires assigned: $35 per umpire per game
    • 1 umpire assigned: $45 per umpire per game
    • From that per game rate, each umpire will have $5 allocated to cover the costs associated with assigning. That means each umpire will take home a minimum of $30 per game.
  4. Umpire payments: Umpires are NOT paid on the day of the game. Records are kept by the Assignor, and a cheque is issued to each umpire to cover all games worked during the season. In 2018, minor softball umpires will be paid in early June for games worked in May, and in July, at the conclusion of the minor softball season. The expectation is that each umpire will monitor his/her schedule in the Arbiter system for accuracy. If there are any errors, the Assignor should be contacted immediately.


  1. If a game is being cancelled due to weather or other factors, that will occur no later than 5 pm on the day of the game. Assignor will inform umpires as soon as possible once cancellation has occurred. Umpires are not paid for games cancelled by the 5 pm deadline.
  1. Umpires who show up to a diamond to start a game where teams do not show up – and proper notification was not given – are paid in full for the game. The umpires must inform the Assignor in this situation.
  1. If a game starts, but is subsequently stopped or cancelled due to weather, the umpires must notify the Assignor so a decision can be made regarding payment.


Tournaments run typically Friday night through to Sunday afternoon. The schedule of tournaments in Zone 4 will be posted on the RDSUA website. Any umpire interested in working at a tournament should indicate his/her availability on the Arbiter platform.

Tournament game fees vary slightly from regular season games because there are multiple games at one location and because Minor Associations use tournaments to raise funds for the betterment of the game. No Assignor fees are assessed for tournaments. Fees are paid by the tournament Umpire in Chief on the last day an umpire works at a tournament. Occasionally a tournament committee may present one cheque rather than cash, in which case payment will occur as soon as possible after the tournament.

Tournament game schedules are established by the Umpire in Chief for the tournament. The UIC will contact each umpire by email or phone to confirm scheduling.

Game fees, travel reimbursement, and meal allowances or access to the snack bar are all negotiated prior to the tournament and communicated to the umpires prior to the tournament by email. Umpires requested to travel to a tournament are asked to car pool to save costs. Meal allowances typically work out to water, and one meal and soft drink per four hours at the diamond (candy, chocolate bars, chips are not included).